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Robotics Engineering

Applicants to bachelor's degree in robotics engineering need a strong high school background in mathematics and science. Robotics engineering is a platform for innovation from people from the fields of mechanical, electrical, or software engineering. Robotics engineers may work in disciplines such as agricultural, defense, medical, manufacturing industries and many more. It includes the manufacture, functions, design of robots. Robotics engineers usually design robots and develop new applications for them to make them functional in a wider range of industries. Robotics is a multidisciplinary field. Some of the courses found in undergraduate and master degree programs are:

Unified robotics
Computer science
Electrical and Mechanical engineering
Robotics engineers usually design robots and develop new system for them to make it functional in a wider range of industries. In coming years every operation from the raw material to the manufactured product will be monitored by computers and performed by intelligent systems which is the robots.

T-SYS is an organization which focuses on providing Final year Academic Robotics engineering projects in Bangalore. T-SYS gets people from all over India and gives hands on experience on the real time projects of the industry. We have done excellent job in providing projects in different sectors from past six years. Academic projects Bangalore provide students with latest IEEE projects, Robotic engineering projects, MCA projects and Final year B Tech Robotics engineering projects. We not only provide the development of the system along with this the coaching for the particular project in the field of IS and IT is also provided.

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