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Reverse Engineering

T-sys is an organization which focuses on providing unique approach which enables all the students to take their Final Year Academic Reverse Engineering projects very seriously. Here we want these students to understand the fact that the projects are not only for the purpose of doing it, rather it helps them to build a better career in future. Reverse engineering is the technique of extricating knowledge or product information from anything man-made and re-producing it or reproducing the products based on the extracted information. It is also called Back Engineering. The process often involves disassembling a mechanical device, computer program, electronic component, biological, chemical, organic matter and analyzing its components. It also includes workings in detail. Reverse engineering has its emergence in the analysis of hardware for business or military advantages. However, the reverse engineering process in itself is not concerned with creating a copy or changing the artifact in some way, it is only an analysis in the system to deduce design features from outputs with little or no additional knowledge about the methodology involved in their real time production.

T-sys is an organization with professionally well trained faculties, students who are looking forward to do their Final Year Academic Reverse Engineering projects along with to have complete knowledge in Reverse Engineering can come directly to T-SYS. The normal approach to project starts with in-depth coaching, the other project related activities begin during the course and are planned to finish on or before the completion time. We provide Internships to the final year students of any technical streams and help them to complete their Final year B Tech Reverse Engineering projects, along with this we are involved in Training, consulting and placements. T-sys is the place where you can get creative ideas to build your career.

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