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Compliant Mechanisms

In mechanical Engineering stream the compliant mechanisms mean the flexible mechanisms which transfer the given force to another point through elastic body deformation. This mechanism may consist a monolithic piece or may be jointless structures. There reasons are numeric why compliant mechanisms can be considered for use in many applications. The main advantage of this mechanism is the potential for reduction in the total no of parts required to completely accomplish a specified task. Another main advantage of this mechanism is the ease in which they are designed. Simple actuators, micro structures & sensors are seeing wide usage here along with many other MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) showing great promises. With a huge reduction in the total number of parts & joints offered by this mechanism it provides a significant advantage in fabrication of micro mechanisms.

As there are a numeric advantages associated with compliant mechanisms, it also has several challenges along with this it has a numeric disadvantages for some applications. The greatest and the largest challenge is the relative difficulty in firstly analyzing & designing compliant mechanisms. Knowledge of mechanism analysis methods is a must required. Here in T-SYS we provide Final year academic Compliant mechanisms projects for students which will help them in completing their academic career in a smooth way along with gaining complete knowledge of compliant mechanism. With this students are in good position to build their technical career later which is helpful in getting placed in industries. Students approach us for Final Year B Tech Compliant mechanisms projects every year.

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